Month: April 2021


Britfield 20/21 School Tour continues to pick up steam as end-of-the-school-year edges near. If you haven't booked your session, do so now. Dates still available for May/June.

This Britfield Tour has had a consistent presentation schedule that picked up significantly in early 2021 as schools returned to a more "normal" routine after the holidays. Spring has brought Mr. Stewart, virtually, to hundreds of computer screens for in-school and on-line remote learners.

This Creativity and Writing session captures the imaginations of its viewers and is evident by the amazing array of inquisitive questions students ask. As one 4th grader asked, "Does every story need to have a villain?"

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PS- Book II: Britfield & Rise of the Lion is still available as Pre-Release Author's Edition for Hosting Schools. Don't miss out. Book today.

Posted by Suzanne Hauser